Sticky Note Love Story - Short Film

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Sticky Note Love Story is the upcoming short film from Zechariah James Towner. Sticky Note Love Story is inspired by the silent cinema of Charlie Chaplin, the monsters movies of Universal Pictures, and stop motion animation. The film is about a shy young man trying to talk to the young woman who lives across the hall from him. The young man tries leaving his crush messages on sticky notes, but the messages fail to go through and instead get electrocuted, transforming into a monster that attacks them both. Hilarity ensues.

Shot with live actors, Sticky Note Love Story was filmed at 8 Frames Per Second using a low shutter angle to emulate the choppy feel of low frame animation. This footage was then combined with actual stop motion—footage filmed at one frame at a time—to create a results that is at once animated but alive.

Sticky Note Love Story is currently making is way through the festival circuit and will make its online debut sometime in 2019. If you would like to play Sticky Note Love Story at your festival please click here to get in touch with ZJT.

Closet Nihilist - Music Video

“Closet Nihilist” is the upcoming music video from Bay Area Hard Rock group Meant to Bend. “Closet Nihilist” was directed by ZJT and will be released on Vimeo on Thursday December 6th, 2018

Butterflies and Breakfast Cereal - Short FIlm

Butterflies and Breakfast Cereal is inspired by the classic blockbuster films of the 1980s and irreverent screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s. BBC comes from the want of making a big budget action film without having the budget for one. Writer/Director Zechariah Towner's solution, in this case, was to set the entire film within one room. The challenge then became how to make a film that's mostly dialogue and is contained within a 900 sq ft apartment feel dynamic and entertaining.