Thoughts on the "Death of Cinema"

Currently, there is a lot of talk going around about a few articles by some prominent film critics which kick around the idea of the "Death of Cinema." I haven't read all of these articles -- there are quite of a few of them -- but I have read film critic David Denby's article "Has Hollywood Murdered the Movies?" and it is this article that I would like to speak of. Contrary to the popular belief held by enraged bloggers everywhere, Denby does not actually think we are experiencing the "Death of Cinema." This would be clear to everyone who bothered to read it all the way through as he comes straight out and says so in the final paragraph: "So are American movies finished, a cultural irrelevance? Despite almost everything, I don’t think the game is up, not by any means."

What he is talking about, is the way that film making has changed and why he thinks this is ultimately a negative change. Denby discusses how movies have come to focus less on creating character driven stories that we care about and more about roller coaster ride of spectacle. He cites movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Transformers as films that are, admittedly, exhilarating to watch but based on essentially hollow emotions (a point with which I agree). We enjoy them in the theatres and leave abuzz, he notes, but within a few days they've slipped completely from our minds.

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