New Fiction "Blue Is"

Hit the link to check out my latest piece, "Blue Is." I hesitate to call it either a short story or poetry, as it falls somewhere in between. I've labeled it "experimental," though that may be a tad strong. I let you be the judge.

I'll tease you with an excerpt below:



A gull cries in the distance as the two walk hand in hand down the shore, the tide lapping at their feet. They pause and turn towards the ocean, the breeze ruffling their hair as the sun shines bright. He squints; she does not. “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” she asks.

“Yes, it certainly is.”

“Tell me,” she says. “What does it look like?”

He looks to her for a moment, then turns back to the sea. “It’s gorgeous. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the light’s hitting the water just right so that is sparkles like a million blue diamonds.”

“Like blue diamonds,” she says quietly.

“Oh, sorry,” he says. “Sometimes I forget.”

“Its alright, sometimes I do too,” she pauses. “The color blue, what does it look like?”

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