Adventures in Maid Cafés

Ōsu was an interesting place. At one end sat an ancient Buddhist temple, Ōsu Kannon, and behind it lay an enormous shopping mall—the old gods and the new side by side. People spent an afternoon buying clothes and then dropped by the temple to burn some incense. Oddly, it flowed better than you’d think.

The district itself, was a strange combination of an indoor/outdoor mall. The main walk way was covered by a roof that connected to the stores on either side, yet there were no doors at the entrances and the buildings seemed to have sprouted up independent of one another, with differing heights and architectural styles. The whole place felt less like a mall and more like a neighborhood with a giant umbrella over it.

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Butterflies and Breakfast Cereal is online!

After over a year of hard work, Butterflies and Breakfast Cereal is online. BBC is a sci-fi comedy short film about a guy named Jason who just wants to eat his frosted flakes, except if he does the world will end.

Check out the film below:

For more information about the film check out the films section of the website.